Engine That Roared - single

Engine That Roared

Luke Nyman

A song that I didn't know what chords I was using - a first for me! I had to write them down to remember them. Then I took the guitar part and made it play a synth part.

I liked the weird stuff that came out.

And I made it also play a sampled guitar sound just for more weirdness. It made for a mystical atmosphere to the song.
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Summer ep

Spring ep

WannaBe Life - single

WannaBe Life

Luke Nyman

WannaBe Life is about the pressure to conform to the life we see around us.
To be the best we can be - reflected in our own eyes, & in those watching us.
To strive for things that seem exciting, glamorous, famous.
To want to be the people we see.
To have the things they have.
To feel as free as they seem to be.
These feelings may follow us to our grave.
Getting them may send us to an early grave.
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  1. WannaBe Life

London Underground - single

Love in blue - single

Love in Blue

Luke Nyman

“Love in Blue” is a sumptuous reggae ballard with emotive elegance. Luke Nyman's musical wizardry, together with Rei Satoshi's soulful guitar will put you in an instant good mood.
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  1. Love in Blue

Trial and Error - Album

Trial and Error - Album

Luke Nyman

Trial and Error was released in 2013 digitally across the internet, but ony on Bandcamp is the bonus song Chocolate exclusively available.

Listen to the standout tracks The Sea, Make What You Make, & Home (Feeling Not a Place).
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